Welcome to Concepts Ecotech

Concepts Ecotech is a manufacturer and supplier of organic activated carbon located within Malaysia. The company offers activated carbon applications for various applications such as purifying air and drinking water, solvent recoveries, to gold mining and decolorization.

Concepts Ecotech’s effective and environmentally friendly process offers customers a cost effective activated carbon, ingenious adsorption systems and professional technical services.

Our Commitment

Being involved in the coconut shell charcoal Industries for a long time, we are in the best position to prepare and select good quality coconut shell charcoal. We believe that good quality charcoals will produce high quality Activated Carbon.

Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility wherever our products are made. All our products are environmentally friendly. It is non toxic, safe and 100% eco-friendly as it is made from organic substance.

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